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Maison LOUVIGNY Chocolatier [& Biscuits] was founded in 2008 by master chocolatiers Benoit & Sayuri Louvigny in the prestigious Madeleine district of Angers, France. After 10 years’ experience in establishments of great renown, such as Pierre Marcolini, this Franco-Japanese couple has created their own brand built on values they hold dear: authenticity, purity and balance.


Inspired by their passion, Benoit & Sayuri define themselves as chocolatiers with a mission: finding the balance of ingredients to create perfect chocolate, and revealing its best by marrying it with gastronomic delights.


Benoit & Sayuri make all their products in the traditional way and choose to work with the most noble of raw materials from throughout the world: Criollo, Trinitario and Nacional finest aromatic cocoa crus, hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy, walnuts from the Perigord in France (AOC guaranteed origin) to name just a few. Only once the perfect ingredients have been selected, can chocolates and biscuits be created to exacting standards in their workshop in Angers. And only these carefully crafted chocolates & biscuits receive the Louvigny label.


Benoit & Sayuri are of course passionate about their job. They both share a love of fine workmanship, authenticity and the best materials. But their defining characteristic is their search for perfection.

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Sayuri Kondo Louvigny

Sayuri Kondo Louvigny, Benoit Louvigny’s wife, is Japanese and started by an intensive course at Tsuji French Pastry Technical School in Osaka (Japan), with Jean-Luc Moulin. She has also been graduated with the Japanese State Diploma of Pastry and Chocolate Standards of Hygiene Control since 2000.


Sayuri Kondo Louvigny continued her training in France with Mr Mendi, a Pastry Meilleur Ouvrier de France (a title that is given to the best and highest-level craftsmen in France after a series of competitions) at the Château de l’Eclair, twinned with Osaka Tsuji French Pastry Technical School and based in Liergues near Lyon. Sayuri improved her skills and techniques at André Rosset’s, a Chocolate Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Grenoble.


Back from France to Japan, Sayuri worked on chocolate and pastry at the French boutique Angelina, in Tokyo. Later on, she became Chocolate Decoration Manager at Pierre Marcolini’s, one of the Pastry World Champion, in Brussels.

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Benoit Louvigny

Benoit Louvigny followed cookery training at Saumur Catering School, initially. With a real passion for culinary arts, Benoit opted for pastry at the end of the 90’s. First, he took a Pastry First-Level Degree (CAP Pâtissier) and had the opportunity to learn with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Then, he began his career in the best luxury hotels in Paris, the names of which are suggestive, such as Le Meurice Hotel and Le Bristol Hotel.


In the 2000’s, Benoit finished off his training with a Master’s Certificate (Brevet de Maîtrise) that he passed at Mr Sassier’s who owned La Halte Saint Jean pastry shop in Saumur. Then, Benoit decided to continue training with the best pastry chefs in France : André Rosset (a Chocolate Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Grenoble), Patrick Chevallot (a Pastry Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Val d’isère), etc. Benoit followed his path as a pastry chef at the gastronomic restaurant Le Jacques-Coeur, in Bourges.


Benoit’s career took an international orientation when he became a Research & Development Manager at Pierre Marcolini’s, a Pastry World Champion, in Brussels and then entered the National Pastry School (Ecole National Supérieure de Pâtisserie) in Yssingeaux, as a teacher and demonstrator. During this experience, Benoit was led to pass on his know-how to professionals in France and abroad (Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Moscow) and collaborate together with the Innovation Department, in order to improve techniques and products.


Finally, Benoit developed desserts and sweet products Menu at the Château Colbert in Maulévrier (Maine & Loire) until 2008.


Because of his taste for challenge, Benoit took part in local artistic championships, the prizes of which he won (Romorantin and Challenge des Mains d’Or).

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